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OUR Mission

   Our mission at Get Moving! is to encourage physical activity and healthy lifestyles for children in the Mountain State.


   In the last ten years, West Virginia has ranked in the top five spots for childhood obesity nationwide. To combat these statistics, we promote the idea to get outside, get active and get moving. This non-profit has been organized and designed to invite current student-athletes and current or former NFL players to motivate children to participate in activities involving exercise, a healthy diet, mindfulness, and nutrition.


   We are establishing opportunities for children to participate in exercises at home and/or at school that encourage playing will friends and spending time outdoors. Healthy lifestyles are not only fulfilled with exercise but incorporate diet, nutrition, and mindfulness! 

OUR history


   Get Moving! was established in West Virginia in 2014 because the state of West Virginia has been ranked first through third, nationally, with childhood obesity.


   Our inspiration for this healthy lifestyle campaign began with Geno Smith's rookie year in training camp with the New York Jets. The children in our state look up to the West Virginia University athletes as inspirational role models. West Virginia does not have any professional sports teams, so the university's student-athletes have become the children’s heroes.

   Former collegiate athletes that have gone onto the NFL are invited back to participate in a Day of Play with children, providing a personal one-on-one experience. The overall arching purpose of Get Moving! is to make a difference with children, not only at a local or state level, but on a national and global scale.

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